Millport Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS) is a grant programme providing financial assistance for the regeneration of historic properties within designated areas of Millport Conservation Area. The project is jointly funded by Historic Environment Scotland and North Ayrshire Council and will run until March 2022. By adopting proven traditional building techniques and avoiding unnecessary damage or replacement of sound historic fabric, the project aims to restore and conserve the historic built fabric and safeguard the historic environment of Millport Conservation Area for the future.

This project funds regeneration and conservation initiatives to help reinvigorate Millport as a seaside and island destination. In addition, it aims to boost civic pride by contributing to social and economic regeneration. A programme of heritage-led activities is planned to support the building restoration works by engaging local communities and visitors with local history and heritage, also providing training opportunities in traditional building skills.


The main aims of the project are to:

  • assist property owners and tenants with the high quality external repairs of their historic buildings
  • improve streetscape by restoring traditional shopfronts and architectural details
  • engage the local community with the town’s built and cultural heritage
  • provide opportunities for local contractors to improve and upskill in traditional building skills and methods


The project’s objectives are to:

  • restore and preserve historic properties
  • raise awareness of local history and heritage
  • develop advice on management and maintenance of the historic environment
  • encourage community engagement, participation and enjoyment of local built heritage
  • encourage and promote energy efficiency improvements of the historic properties and sustainability of the historic environment
  • improve the range and quality of local conservation skills
  • support the Council’s regeneration programme and contribute to the positive transformation of the local conservation area

Please note that all the scheme’s funds have now been fully allocated.