Cumbraecraft is a heritage themed game on the Minecraft Education platform (Mojang) designed for primary school children and providing an attractive and stimulating learning environment with a focus on local heritage and history. It comes with a complete suite of lessons based on the discovery of local heritage assets and their history from around the virtual representation of the Isle of Cumbrae in North Ayrshire, Scotland.

The game aims to engage the target age group through captivating and motivating gameplay with an otherwise difficult topic and is easy to use in the classroom, as well as in a home-learning setting. The challenge-based learning is complemented by, among many other interactions, exploration and discovery, narrative and communication, fellowship and teamwork, expression and creativity, curiosity and problem solving. In addition to enhancing the Curriculum for Excellence and maximising the experience and learning outcomes for children, the game also aims to promote local heritage and destination and, therefore, stimulate and support heritage tourism. Additional benefits also include contributing to an electronic record of local heritage and introducing young people to potential career options in gaming and computer arts, supporting North Ayrshire Council’s young workforce strategy.

Never played Minecraft and want to learn?

Ever wished you could take your grandpa to Millport during lockdown?

Want to find out why Vikings lost to Scotland’s young king Alexander?

Now you can!

You can watch the teaser below, while we’re working on the video showcasing all you can do in this game. Watch this space for future updates.

The game was developed by a small team of game development students from Abertay University through the Millport Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme, which is being delivered by the partnership between North Ayrshire Council and Historic Environment Scotland. It’s a pilot project addressing the gap in game-based learning/teaching young people about local heritage and its conservation and the historical significance of their communities and culture, with emphasis on Scottish culture, language, and tradition.