Welcome to our on-line platform to discover and share knowledge about Millport and the Isle of Cumbrae and its amazing history and heritage. It’s a growing digital record of images, interesting facts and memories aiming to promote the island and engage new and existing audiences with the local heritage. It also captures the restoration works under the Millport Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme.

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Participation Guidance

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Do not use images obtained by way of hidden cameras or similar.

Do not use images in a misleading way.

If your contribution has the image of, or is created by, a child, and you are not the parent or guardian of the child, you must get permission from the parent or guardian prior to uploading your contribution.  Do not include any information that could enable someone to identify the child (eg name, school name, etc).

Always get permission from the landowner before photographing on private property.

Do not include confidential or private personal information in your contribution without permission.

If you need to use any copyright material in your contribution make sure you have permission to do so.

Do not include defamatory images (eg images showing someone in a negative or disparaging way) or material relating to on-going criminal proceedings.